Foot corns are hardened layers of skin that develop from your skin’s response to friction and pressure. You may have foot corns if you experience the following symptoms on the tips and the sides of your toes:

  • Rough, tough, yellowing patch of lumpy or bumpy skin
  • Skin that’s sensitive to touch
  • Pain when wearing shoes

Foot corns can be safely treated, and you can even prevent future ones. Keep reading to learn tips on how you can manage existing corns and minimize your chances of developing new ones.


Corns can form in a variety of places on your feet, such as:

  • Below your toenail bed
  • Between your toes
  • On the sides of your feet
  • On the bottoms of your feet


You can develop foot corns from wearing shoes that are too snug on your feet. If you stand or walk for long periods of time, the weight of your body and the constant friction can also cause painful corns on the bottoms of your feet.

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