Regular pedicures not only help keep feet looking pretty, they also keep nails trimmed, calluses controlled and skin moisturized. In addition, a foot massage helps to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. Treat yourself to a salon or spa pedicure or pamper your feet at home. Start by cutting toenails straight across with a toenail clipper then shaping nails with a cushion file. Next, refresh feet with a 10 minute foot soak using a large bowl or inflatable pedi bath. Smooth away dry skin and calluses with a sloughing lotion, foot file, salt scrub or pumice stone. For an extra treat, use a moisturizing, softening foot masque to condition the skin. Rinse and dry feet, then massage them with a foot lotion or massage oil. Before polishing nails, remove all traces of oil or lotion with a cotton swab soaked in polish remover. To give your pedicure the perfect finish, use a professional-quality base coat, followed by two coats of nail lacquer and protective top coat. Allow polish to dry completely.

1. Appearance

Having nice groomed, polished toes is always nice and can make you feel sexy and sleek when wearing a nice pair of open-toe shoes or sandals.

2. Dry skin

Your therapist is able to scrub and exfoliate your feet to help soften and scrape off dead dry skin especially around the heel and big toe area. However, for more severe cases of painful cracked heels your therapist may refer you to a Podiatrist who are qualified to use cutting implements to treat such foot disorders.

3. Nail Health

Buffing your nails doesn’t just make them look nice and shiny but is also important to stimulate blood flow to the area. Blood carries nutrients which are vital for nail health and growth.  Although we clip our nails short, good nail growth can be a sign of good nail health.

4. Relaxation

Pedicures can include massage and getting your legs and feet massaged can be a great way to relax, release tension and de-stress.  And we all know how important it is for oneself to take some time out and regular de-stressing is vital for your health.

5. Lymphatic and Blood Flow

Another benefit from foot massage is stimulating blood and lymph flow. Your body has lymph nodes all over which are the tiny factories that help process and clean the toxins from your lymphatic fluid into the blood which then gets taken back through the veins to the heart to get cleaned. Lymph nodes are also known as glands which in our legs are situated behind our knees. 

6. Colours

Nail lacquers are fun and there are loads of colours to play with.  With colours to fit any season or any occasion, your therapist will also use a base coat to protect your nail plate from getting stained.  A top coat will also be used to help lock in your colour and help the lacquer last longer.

7. Feel Good

One of the most important benefits is the feel good factor.  It’s amazing how your feet, when treated, can make you feel so good about yourself and give a real confidence boost, along with feeling relaxed, clean and pampered.

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